About Us

One of Colorado’s oldest wineries, Stoney Mesa Winery was established in 1989 by the Neal family with the purchase of a 50 acre farm in Cedaredge, Colorado. Having roots in Western Colorado, they had began to notice a burgeoning wine industry in the fruit growing areas of Colorado.  Having a love of wine and the area, in 1990 the first vines were planted and the roots of Stoney Mesa Winery took hold.  Over the years we have expanded to multiple farms and also source grapes from many local growers.

Western Colorado has been known for producing spectacular fruit. The scenery is stunning , and the atmosphere is laid back. It is a great place to relax or even get out and exercise.

Now over three decades into this, the thought that it would get this far was always there.  And as planned, the torch has been passed.

In the Beginning

As for many small business owners what once started as a hobby in a basement, turned into a business.  Although farming is one of the hardest career choices, when you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings…..  It is worth every heartache!  Well… Almost!